Artwork by twitter user @SchwabBum
Artwork by twitter user @SchwabBum
Artwork by twitter user @SchwabBum

It is time to examine the biggest con artist of the planet,

Bill Gates:

his detached world-view, his alleged philanthropic motives, the monopolisation of science, the behavioural patterns of the wannabe saviour of the planet and possible endgames.

The multiplex web of relationships of the envisioned Stakeholder Capitalism is complex. It can only be holistically grasped by network-graphs. This is a breakdown-compilation of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the global Medical Industrial Complex & more.

The graphs were created via @twittlesis, but have been deleted now either due to censorship or other reasons. user ‘WrenchInTheGears’ created most of them, that’s Alison McDowell (@Philly852).

I was able to backtrack most the relevant and lost graphs via WebArchive (I guess Alison archived them). The archives are nevertheless interactive, you can click on the nodes, retrieve archived database entries.


This is a very opinionated Artist’s Reflection on the social media coup d’état #allesdichtmachen (#closeeverything) and the status quo of the political media-landscape within the digital realm.

In particular I reflect on the excellent Twitter-thread by Dietrich Brüggemann (@dtrickb), covering the orthodox PR think tank-diversion tactics and framing-narratives, he played an integral part in the production of said Gesamtkunstwerk.

Dietrich Brüggemann analyses the digital social media-realm, which is riddled with paid opinion trolls, forum spies, controlled opposition integrity-sabotage tactics/traps & political framing. …

Today we peek inside the current situation in Israel: how Netanyahu sold his people to Pfizer/BioNTech & Co, conducting mass-experiments on the populace, dividing the nation into a two-class society with a 𝓖𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝓟𝖆𝖘𝖘-push, thus entirely ignoring the Nuremberg Code.

Israel’s health officials were desperate. Pfizer announced: their vaccine was “95% effective VS COVID-19”.

Israel had ordered millions of doses from Moderna & AstraZeneca, the Pfizer/BioNTech-miracle cure was missing in their stock.

How did Israel subsequently acquire an estimated four to five million doses of the Pfizer miracle in December 2020 — enough to vaccinate at least two…

Bobby Rajesh Malhotra

He deals with socially relevant questions, his artistic method is accompanied by cynicism, sarcasm, surrealism and takes high political content into account.

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